Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party

I could not think of a clever title, so it just states the obvious. On Friday, Oct. 29 we had a Halloween Party at our house! We had a great time with the Jones, Gooch, Schow, DuBois, and Wheeler couples. Here are a few pictures from the game we played - HALLOWEEN MINUTE TO WIN IT!
Andrea trying to get the oreo to her mouth. Isn't this a great picture? She and Tyler, her hubbie, won the grand prize.

Megan claiming victory.


Tatiana unrolling the streamers. Quite the action shot...(joking)

Megan giving it a "whirl", no pun intended...(joking, yet again)

Please notice our 8 months pregnant Talea giving the donuts a go.

Gooch working those abs for the donut.

Ryan was all business when it came to this game.

Craig is classic in this pic. I think his neck was turned around 180 degrees.

Happy Late Halloween!

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Josh and Emily Armstrong said...

This looks fun! Glad you had a fun party!