Monday, October 25, 2010

Crafting of Sorts

This past weekend was a blast! My mom and sisters came up to the Minidoka Craft Fair. How big could a craft fair be in Rupert, ID? It is actually one of the biggest in all of Idaho. I think my family was surprised at how big the craft fair was. I loved walking around all the booths, getting ideas of things I could make (it's true, I'm too cheap to buy things, unless I can't recreate it). After moving from a basement apartment to our house, I realized seasonal decorations were sparse. Slowly I've been making some things to decorate our home, especially for fall.
Here is a taste of what I've been up to.

My friend Jen Pinther and I made these box shelves back in July. I absolutely love them. Beadboard makes everything better. Each season I will change out the ribbon and
what goes inside.

I wish I had come up with this idea, but I got it from It is a Halloween topiary. You take cupcake liners and glue them to a foam ball. Jen Pinther and I had a great time making them while we ate Doc's cheese sticks...THEY ARE TO DIE FOR!

This is a simple way to get a seasonal craft. I bought this frame at the DI, painted it Metallic Gold, added some ribbon and vinyl letters.

Vinyl letters take two. I spray painted some old plates, added some vinyl letters and put them on my plate rack.

Starting this month, my friend Tenille Claridge and I started a craft club with some gals from our ward. We meet once a month and do a craft for $15 or less. Tenille was in charge this month and did a phenom job.

Here's the finished product of what us craft club ladies did. I found some sparkle pumpkins that matched perfect.

Ok, I didn't make these block letters. My sweet mother-in-law bought them for me. Aren't the adorable? Each side of the block has a different number on it, so you can count down to special events. Only 6 days until Halloween.

Aren't these pumpkins the cutest thing you've seen? Garrett and I came up with the idea of painting some stumps orange, adding some stems and creating pumpkins for our porch. I absolutely love having these out on display.

A fall/halloween post wouldn't be compelte without a picture of the pumpkin we carved. Our friends, the Wheeler's, invited us over and we carved Stanley, our pumpkin.

What have you created this holiday season? Any ideas for winter?


Bobowhee said...

The end of this blog makes me particularly happy because 1) it mentioned my last name 2) you named your pumpkin Stanley, which is the name of my boyfriend, and 3) you carved pumpkins, which Stanley and I just did tonight.

I'm as we're reconnecting now that you're NOT in Utah. We have horrible timing!

Alex and Sam said...

so cute Sar!!!

Allyce said...

Those decorations are so cute! You're so creative!

ren said...

So very cute!!! You're so talented! Your house looks so pretty and festive! I love it! Decorating is the funnest! Glad you guys are doing well :)

Karla, A Cali Girl in Idaho! said...

OK Arn't you somethin'! I want to be apart of the craft club. Looks like fun. Mr. "G" is quite handy. Love it! Call me in the evenings and I'll give you some good bread receipes. So easy and delish. Come to Zumba tonite. It's a blast.

emily said...

You are so crafty!! Why didn't we get to know each other better before you moved!! We could of had so much fun. I would love to see some more of your craftiness!