Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Here at the Condie basement apartment, we love Christmas. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Looking at the calendar today we realized that we have a full month of activities ahead of us...but first we have to survive finals this week. We can't wait for a break from school and to actually spend some time with each other and not have to worry about school.

It finally snowed here in Cache Valley, making it look more like the Christmas season. Of course with Christmas comes all the decorations and it has been so fun decorating out little dwelling. Now don't expect anything grand, however, because #1 we are still college students and #2 we live in a cozy (and I mean COZY) apartment. But below are some pictures of our apartment with the Christmas spirit.

Of course with Christmas comes the lights at Temple Square. After the fun and eventful Condie Family Reunion Thanksgiving in Salt Lake City, Garrett and I went to look at the lights in Salt Lake City with the Condie clan. You can't help but feel the true spirit of Christmas when you are walking around the temple grounds, looking at the lights and hearing the music.

Thrown into the mix of pictures is our most recent family picture that Garrett's aunt Lisa took on Thanksgiving. She is a fabulous photographer among many other things. We are so glad that we could get to be in the Ward family photo as well.

Christmas is truly the best time and year. We can't wait for Grandma & Grandpa Martin's Christmas Party, my Mom's Birthday (she's the best! And she's turning 48 on the 16th), Doughnut night, sledding, singing, and the Swenson Family Christmas Spectacular! I guess that's what I love most about Christmas; being able to spend time with family and recreating yearly traditions. What are you family traditions? Have a wonderful holiday season and happy new year!

I tried to do those detail shots that people do...obviosly my little digital camera didn't quite cut it. Someday I'll have one of those fancy cameras and you won't be laughing...
We love being able to have a mantle and fireplace in our apartment.

Our little tree, which it on top of a table to make it look taller. We have
a tradition to get an ornament everywhere we travel. It's so fun to decorate our little tree and remember all the memories.

Jen, Jer, Skyler & Kendyll at Temple Square with us.

Ward Family (Garrett's Mom's Family)

Garrett and Sarah...not our best shot but you all know how good looking we REALLY are!

Condie Family