Thursday, November 4, 2010


Our little home is looking more and more like just that - a home. Our grass is now lush and it was time to up the ante. Some friends have a tree farm and helped us get some foliage for our yard. Garret is such a hard worker and with the help of our friend Tyler, five trees were dug up and planted in our yard. It has completely changed the look of our house.In all we planted four maple trees and one oak. Garrett said he got the oak tree so that when he becomes the prophet he can make his pulpit out of it. Good luck with that Garr.
All five trees.

First tree planted. Don't dog the tree planting clothes I have on.

Hard Working Hunk

Garrett, his dad (Dean), and Tyler - the tree man.


A leaf from our oak.

I can't wait to start raking up leaves!

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