Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Much Needed Update

So much for my blogging every week! It's sad because I have all the time in the world out here and for some reason I just keep putting it I have anything else to do. In order to officially update all 5 or so of you who actually look at our blog, I am going to do a top 5 list of things have have happened since the last update:

1. We're coming home! We have enjoyed our time in Reno and Des Moines this summer but both Garrett and I are aching to be back in Logan and Rupert to see our families and get back into the usual swing of things. Since our car's untimely death we have decided to fly home instead of hitchhike. We will be leaving Des Moines on Tuesday, August 11 and are excited to have 2 weeks of summer before school starts.

2. Our house is getting closer and closer to being done. We've heard that the sheetrock is up and shingles are on but don't have any pictures of that yet. Garrett's parents, Dean and Debra, have been so sweet to go check on our house every week and send us updates. Here are some pictures they sent about 2 or 3 weeks ago of the outside of the house. It is further along now and when Garrett and I get a chance to go to Rupert we'll update the pictures.

3. I have a new job. When we get back to Logan Garrett will return to Mount Logan Middle School where he is a hall monitor/snack giver-outer an I will be back at Dr. Jensen's dental office as the secretary. However, every Monday and Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 at night I will be teaching step aerobics and pilates at Utah State. I am so excited for this opportunity. Many of you may not know but I became a ceritified personal trainer in April and so now I'm putting it to use. If you are ever around come to one of the classes. It should be fun. Also I have another blog titled For A Fitter Life that you should check out. It's just a blog where I'll post information about having a healthier lifestyle and improving on fitness. I just started it so hopefully it will begin to get some traffic.

4. Garrett has done awesome this summer. With the tanked economy, selling alarms hasn't been a breeze, but Garrett has risen to the occasion and completed his goal for the summer. I am so lucky to have a husband with so much drive and ambition. I know that I will never have to worry about being taken care of. Garrett is a go-getter...the best husband there is.

5. It's time for the Condie duo to run another half marathon. Earlier this summer Garrett and I registered for the Top of Utah Half Marathon, right after we'd completed the SLC half marathon. This time around it should be a good one considering all the training we've been doing *notice the hint of sarcasm*. With Garrett's work schedule we haven't had time to properly train but regardless we're putting on our running shoes and doing that dang 13.1 miles even if we have to crawl. It's August 29 so maybe we'll see some of you there are you run past us, you will. Time doesn't matter, right? Just the feeling of completing it.

Well that's about all that's happened in our world. Thanks for all the love and support everyone gives us as we're so far away from home. We can't wait to see you all and pick up right where we left off.