Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Biggest Little City...

It's summer and that means it is time for selling. Garrett sales for APX Alarm and this summer we are currently in Reno, NV. Very exotic, right? I just love going for jogs on the trail by our apartment only to hear rattlesnakes in the distance and try not to let the leaping lizards get the best of me. But really, we are grateful that Garrett has this job and is able to do so good at it.

We arrived in Reno a week and a half ago. We are living in really nice apartments. Many other sales reps have complained about the apartment but to Garrett and I it is heaven because: 1. There is a dishwasher 2. There is disposal 3. There is a tub 4. It is a huge tub. So huge that 4 people can fit in it, seriously.

Garrett is doing well this summer. Reno has been hard hit by the economy so it's been tough to sell. However, Garrett has been able to sale everyday. We know it is because of all the prayers that are on our behalf. Thank you. It is tough but Garrett does well to push hard everyday. The foreclosure rate here is 1 in every 23 homes. Can you believe it?

We won't be in Reno much longer. Probably 2-3 weeks at the most. Then it's off to somewhere new and we have no idea where.

Sometimes I get lonely being at home all day but it had been a nice break. I get to work on some projects, go to the gym, and take naps. I feel bad doing all this knowing how hard Garrett is working all day. But I do have a job as well. I work for APX writing news stories for their website. I write approximately 10 stories a day.

We are so blessed and miss everyone, but it's fun to have this new adventure. Don't forget about us here in Reno.

This is Garrett and Wesston, ready to leave to Reno from Rupert. The two drove their motorcycles out and I was left to fend for myself with the stick shift Passat. Good news is I only stalled 3 times the entire 8 hour journey!