Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2 Months in Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So here is ourlife since we got back from Des Moines, IA in late August. We are glad to be back, but back in school is another thing... This picture above is us riding the Train at Lagoon. Over UEA (last weekend) we went with my family to Hogle Zoo and Lagoon for a fun weekend.

Abbey and Mom with the Elephant. Believe it or not it was farting while taking the picture. No lie.

John, Anna, Abbey and Cache on the Train. Cache was a trooper at Lagoon. We love going because it's Frightmares at Lagoon and the park is all decked out in Halloween stuff.

Pilot Sarah on the Flying Aces.

Garrett who flew his plane the highest.

The baby elephant is new at Hogle Zoo. She was just born. Her name is Zuri. Isn't she so cute?

The big daddy elephant.

You could never guess that this was Garrett's first time at a zoo...

They had these awesome hats at Hogle Zoo. I couldn't resist the picture opportunity.

NOW ON TO THE BIGGEST NEWS! We are officially homeowners now. On September 23, 2009 we closed on our house in Rupert. We are so blessed to be able to have a home and are excited to eventually move into it. Below are some pictures of the house. They are kind of old because we haven't taken any pictures of the finished product. I promise they will be up next week.

Master Bedroom and Closet

The darling Sante Fe doors up against the painted wall so you can see the contrast of colors

This is the living room. The front door is the dirty one shown in the picture. Now it's beautiful, deep colored, solid wood door.

The back of the house.

This is before all the exterior was done, but you get the gist of it. This is the what she looks like! We absolutely love it.

We asked if we could keep the port-a-potty, but they wanted it back!

Our fireplace. It now has tile around it.

The master bathroom. I love the big garden tub. I've missed getting to take a bath.

This is our laundry room.

This is the guest bathroom

Our beautiful mahogany cabinets.

These are our hand carved wood floors, covered in a ton of dust. Just imagine their beauty!

This is our kitchen. I can't wait to use the pantry in the corner and cook my little heart out.

Another shot of our living room with the fireplace. We had the mantle match the cabinets throughout the house to create a good flow.

We are so excited for our house. It's crazy to think we're homeowners. We will be moving in when we both graduate in the Spring. Until then it will be our little weekend getaway retreat. Thanks to Dean and Debra for taking pictures and keeping us updated all the time and to Jen for her drive-by updates on her way to work.

Now onto the Cassia County Fair and Rodeo. Since the day Garrett and I met, I have heard nonstop about the Cassia County Fair and Rodeo. Garrett even planned to come back in time for the fair from summer sales! I must admit that the Cassia County Fair and Rodeo wasn't a let down at all. I loved tasting all the yummy food (scones, maple bars, pretty much everything I shouldn't be eating) and watching the Wards show their Steers was great. My favorite part, however, was watching my own little cowboy in the rodeo. Garrett joined Wesston and Wesston's friend in competing in the Wild Cow Ride. The winning team gets a belt buckle and amazing bragging rights in Rupert and Burley.

The Wild Cow ride is nothing like I have every seen. A team of three has to chase down a cow, put a saddle on him, and ride it through some barrells. This is all while firecrackers are going off so the cows aren't too happy. I watched and screamed until I couldn't talk watching Garrett and the crew compete. And guess what...THEY WON! They beat out all the other teams. I am so proud of Garrett and his Strong, Muscley Body and the pride he gave me in telling everyone that my cowboy won at the rodeo. Here are some pictures of the event!

Here we are getting ready to watch the rodeo.

*notice Debra's peace sign*The Cassia County Fair is so great that we invited my parents and Abbey to come up to join in the fun!

Before the Wild Cow Ride began. As you can see Wesston and Garrett both have on their belt buckles from their previous win right before their missions. A lot was on the line this time around.

I am so proud of my Cowboy. They got new belt buckles worth $150. Notice in the above picture that my dad wanted to join in the celebration. He. Jeff Faux and Dean are going to do it next year...right?

Well the eternal post is over. Between all of these events Garrett has been working hard at Mount Logan Middle School while doing full-time school. I am working 3/4 time as a receptionist at the Dental Office and am teaching Aerobics and Pilates at USU. School is going good. I just turned in my graduation packet for the Spring today with Garrett. We're doing it...we're growing up. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes school, then comes a home...what's next?