Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ode to You, Tuna

Dear Tuna Sandwich,
I rediscovered you today and want to thank you for making my lunch indulgently satisfying.
I love the omega 3-fatty acids you give me. I love the perfect symmetry that envelops my taste buds as I taste that perfect combination of wet and dry. I love that you are healthy and as I eat you, nestled between 2 whole wheat slices of bread, I think that I am a size 2. Even though you stink up my hands and breath, I don't mind because you, Tuna Sandwich, are wonderful. Ode to you, tuna. I hope we meet again soon.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Goodbye. Probably Won't Miss You.

The title may seem cruel, but we might as well face the truth.
Goodbye Logan. I will not miss you or the seasonal depression you bring me as I breathe in the toxins from the cow-poop inversion.
Goodbye School. I love to learn but will not miss the stress you bring me or the 7:30 am classes everyday.
Goodbye House. I will not miss the loads of laundry or the dishes that pile up or the 2x2 shower that keeps growing mold.
Goodbye Work. I will not miss you making me feel like I work for Michael Scott.
Goodbye Everything. Probably Won't Miss You...because tomorrow I leave to this: