Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If Only I Had A Bearskin Rug

All schools were canceled here in Rupe-town for the rest of the week because of the blizzard we've been having for the past couple of hours.
It makes me want to do this:
 While eating this:
Instead, I am sitting at work, watching the wind whip at the windows while snow blows in every direction.. Ugh! So what do I do while 3/4 of Rupert is all cozy at home? 
It may entail fries-
Which I may have ordered with my lunch-
I may have enjoyed them-
Even though it's a no-no!
Guilt is setting in, but only in the parts of my body that the fry fat hasn't reached yet...so I guess my guilt isn't that much! I taught Zumba this morning and will teach it again tonight. That will cancel out SOME of those fry calories...or maybe I'll just use those burned calories to fulfill my current daydream of a fireplace, hot chocolate and warm cookies. Now if I only had a bearskin rug...

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