Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Goodbye. Probably Won't Miss You.

The title may seem cruel, but we might as well face the truth.
Goodbye Logan. I will not miss you or the seasonal depression you bring me as I breathe in the toxins from the cow-poop inversion.
Goodbye School. I love to learn but will not miss the stress you bring me or the 7:30 am classes everyday.
Goodbye House. I will not miss the loads of laundry or the dishes that pile up or the 2x2 shower that keeps growing mold.
Goodbye Work. I will not miss you making me feel like I work for Michael Scott.
Goodbye Everything. Probably Won't Miss You...because tomorrow I leave to this:



Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhh!!!! Have soooooo much fun!!!! Sarah I seriously have no you can tell by my blog... Its not personal, if I had a personal/social life I would blog about it... lolol Wow so much for a 5 year update huh?! Im the worst!! :) Ill give you a better update later! haha

Debra said...

ok so you are living a good life. We will think about you and garrett basking in the sun.....while we are basking in the cold rainy weather. have fun!!

ren said...

SO fun!!! It's finally here! I hope you have the best time!!! Enjoy the sun, and no school, or work , or laundry or anything! Just enjoy each other, and the food and the beach! So happy for you guys! I hope you love it! Can't wait to see pictures!