Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Love Apples

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away...

Garrett and I have been doing an apple cleansing. Information about it is here.

Our sociology teacher swears by this and does it once every couple of months. Now we aren't doing the full 3 days. Since this is our first time we are sticking with just 2. However, it is hard. I must admit that I have never hated apples so much. Right now I am on my 10th apple during this two day experience.

I know it seems and dumb and weird that we're doing it, but why not try! Only 12 more hours to go...cant' wait to sink my teeth into more organic apples!

Hunger hasn't really been a problem because you can eat as many apples as you want. I do feel better after one day of doing it. Those toxins should be flushing right through me! I'll let you know how we do on the long stretch. Until then, enjoy your food. You could just be eating apples.


ren said...

I am excited to hear if you notice a difference! I have heard a few people swear by the cleanse. Hang in there for your last 12 hours! I can only imagine how many apples you can enjoy in one day before they completely gross you out. You guys are awesome!!!

Jessie said...

Lol. sarah. what the crap girl? apples? Lol. i love it. What day do you walk? (graduation)?