Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Goals

I have decided to make a goal to make goals (kind of a conundrum, eh?). So each month I am going to make a list of a couple of goals to work on that month. By the end of the year I should have a good, long streak of goals and will be on my way to perfection...I think that's how it works :)

Usually people do this in January, I know, but I just got this idea so February, here we come.

Sarah's Goals:
1. Go to the Temple Each month
2. No Sweets Until March (for the cruise's sake)
3. Call people back when they call me (especially my visiting teacher). For some reason I hate the phone. Have you ever noticed that people usually call you just when they want something. Ah, the beauty of getting older.
4. Read all the school and scholarship material that I am assigned.

Well there you have it. Four goals for February. I figured if I posted them I would be held accountable. What are your goals?


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