Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our First Post

Garrett and I have caved! This is our first blog. I've had a blog for awhile because I had to set one up for a class, but I never posted anything. All of our friends and family have been starting them and we want to keep up to date.

I consider myself pretty technical savy. However, when it came to changing the background of our blog I struggled. I have made websites and the fact that I couldn't change the background caused me turmoil for days. Thanks to Anna, our sister-in-law, the blog has a background.

I sat down with Garrett to pick out a blog background...big mistake! His response to "Do you like this one," was "Whatever you want." After begging him to at least have some say in our blog he chose the color brown. Trust me, this was a BIG step.

Well, we hope to get some followers and want to keep you updated so look for more posts to come, after we finish our homework of course...*cough, cough*!

1 comment:

Nick and Ren Smith said...

YaY! You guys have joined the blogging world...I hope school is going good for you and Garr! We need to get together soon!