Monday, May 16, 2011

Like Mom or Like Dad?

Don't get me wrong - the 3d ultrasounds are amazing, but I never know quite how to take them. Even though you can see features, it's hard to tell what the baby is going to look like until they come out. Incase you want a little peek of baby girl, here you go. Garrett thinks she looks like him...what do you think?


Josh and Emily Armstrong said...

How cute!!

Alycia said...

Aren't those ultrasounds the coolest! I am SO excited for you Sarah! You are so cute preggo and will be the cutest mom! I can't wait to see what she will look like either--so you better be using that new camera of yours! :)

John and Anna said...

I agree. I like the 3d pics cause I think they're just cool. But Cache didn't look a thing like his and neither did Season. I'm excited to see my little niece for real though. :) She's just gonna be too cute.

debra said...

love the blog!!! I have been thinking about girls names. here are a few. Macy, kassidy, ava, zoe ...but whatever you choose will be perfect. love you guys. dc

Bekah Condie said...

Very cute! She's going to be a little doll either way...I can't decide though who she's more like.

Whitney said...

I think I'm the only one commenting that isn't pregnant nor has ever been pregnant...hehehe.

Are we still thinking about baby names?

Are you planning on passing down your middle name? I mean, you should, because it's tradition!

So, what goes good with Marie?
Do you like trendy or classic?
And may be not ending in an "ee" sound because then her entire name would rhyme? Which I actually think is kind of cute...

I loooove the names Ava or Grace. And Dan sort of hates them, so I've been telling everyone to use them, so I can vicariously live through their baby naming experience.

Ava Marie Condie
Grace Marie Condie.

Beautiful and classy, just like her mama!


I think I may have saw you in the Lee's entryway a few weeks ago? It was probably you, but I was trying to make sure my Grandpa wouldn't wander off, so I didn't get a chance to say hello!