Tuesday, July 28, 2009

VW Passat (2001-2009) RIP

Des Moines - Garrett and Sarah Condie's VW Passat, 8, died unexpextedly Saturday, July 25, 2009 at the Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines, IA.

The Passat leaves behind his two owners who were shocked to see him go and who are grieving for the loss of their vehicle, especially after recently dumping money into the piece junk.

The Passat entered the Condie family in 2006 after Garrett's mission. It provided fun times for Garrett and saw him through his 3 years at USU. People were amazed at the sound system the then-bachelor Garrett was able to put in. He could put any lowriding hispanic's sterio out of business.

After unexpectedly not starting after a trip to the mall, many techniques were used to revive the poor Passat. However, after a towing to the dealership, the Condies made a tough decision to pull the plug instead of sinking more into it.

Goodbye Passat. We will miss you, expecially because you left us high and dry. But no worries, we will get over our grief and eventually move on. Goodbye Passat. Rest in Peace in your new upcoming home: the junkyard.

A private funeral service will be held later this week. The family would like to thank everyone for their outreach of love and support. In leiu of flowers, please donate to the Condie Car Charity which will go to a much needed couple *cough* who have resulted in a similar car death situation.


Alycia said...

sad :( don't you hate when that happens?

Nick. Ren. & Taytum. said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry you guys! This must be so frustrating! I can't imagine what we would do if our car randomly died! I hope you guys can figure something out...I'm sure there's a blessing in disguise somewhere... hopefully :-) Let us know if you need to borrow a car for a little bit when you're back in town! seriously! Love you guys! Good luck!!!

Bekah Condie said...

Oh no! Way to leave you high and dry. So will you buy a new car out there or fly home?